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The name "KARL"™ began as a project code word within "Karl Lippard Designs" used when discussing solutions to the world problem of environmental contamination in the open. The subject matter of saving the planet and the tools needed to do the job could not be discussed at that time without drawing unwanted public attention or creating a possible public panic.

Going forward, KARL™ has become a word synonymous with "thinking outside of the box." KARL™ offers new technologies to reduce fossil fuel use and related carbon emission to help reverse global warming by aiding in the stabilization of the world's climate.

KARL™ provides new products to heat and cool your home and business (known as Home Heating Systems or HHS), as well as engines to run your car, and a lot more as you will learn here - all within a program of atmosphere restoration.

Watch Karl Lippard discuss solutions to the world problem of
environmental contamination and climate change on ATSN

By using KARL™ products you will extend the earths' fossil fuel supply; fuels that we will all need far into the distant future, while also reducing contamination of the air we breathe and helping sustain our world as a livable planet.

Friends who support these values can also be called KARL™. Look for the name or sign to indicate a person or business that supports and uses KARL™ environment protection products.

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